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Sun drenched powdery beaches, numerous luxurious resort islands, turquoise lagoons, mesmerising underwater coral reefs, palate tickling cuisines, and a balmy year round climate are just some of the adjectives that have been used to describe the tropical paradise of Maldives. The fragile eco system retains its virginal beauty, thanks to the strongly implemented environmental policies.

The slow and easy pace of life here, in contrast with most other tourist destinations, makes luxury holidays to Maldives a wonderful retreat for

those looking forward to a relaxed rendezvous with nature.

Take a trip to the capital city of Male and explore its charms like the underwater Maldives Victory Wreck, the National Museum, numerous beautiful mosques, and the verdant Sultan's Park.

Check out wonders like the utopian man-made island of Hulhumalé and pick up some exquisite local crafts from the islands inhabited by the natives. Take a helicopter tour to drink in the scenery from the clouds or hop aboard a sunset boat cruise. The destination also offers a world of exhilarating water-sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, and even big game fishing. Indulge in some relaxing spa therapy if you have had enough of adventure and sightseeing. Luxury holidays to Maldives offer all this and much more.

Climate & Best Time to Visit Maldives Most travel experts agree that the ideal time to look for luxury Maldives deals is during the months of November to April. This is the time to savour the incredible radiance of Maldives and enjoy the long spells of sunshine. Understandably, cheap deals on holidays to Maldives are hard to come by during this dry season. The period between May and October is relatively cheap but humidity is higher and rain is more likely.

Culture of Maldives The culture of Maldives is as colourful as the rainbow in the sun! People in this part of the world are highly artistic and devote much time to craft making. The beautiful architectural styles of tombs and mosques in the country display the brilliant craftsmanship of the Maldivians. Folk music and dance performances are the other means for travellers on luxury holidays to Maldives to explore the region’s vibrant cultural facets.

Eating Out With menus ranging from Thai and Italian to Indian and Middle Eastern, Maldives ensures a wonderful time to the epicureans on luxury Maldives holidays. One has a lot of options even when it comes to opting for a place to eat. An array of eating joints, from the elegant air-conditioned bistros to the blasé open-air cafes, tourists in Maldives can tickle their taste buds in a variety of settings!

Visa Requirements A British tourist is eligible to obtain a tourist visa for up to 30 days on arrival in Maldives, provided that the visitor holds a valid return ticket. Staying longer than 30 days without obtaining appropriate permission is an offence. Visit FCO’s official website for updated information.

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